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For Business Partners

At Affinity Plus, we are Not For Profit. For People. Day in and day out, we are inspired to help business owners achieve their dreams.

We are guided by the principal that if you treat people right, they will not only come back, but they also will refer others. The result? More business.

We believe in putting people first and in doing what’s right for every member, every time. In that spirit, we created Affinity Plus Business Partners, a program that enables Affinity Plus business members to easily and affordably get your company’s name and brand in front of people.

For Consumers

As an Affinity Plus member, you get more than the financial tools, knowledge, and products you need to make the most out of your money. You get discounts and deals at our Affinity Plus Business Partners.

We all agree that the most important thing in life isn’t money; it’s people. That’s why we invite you to do business with Affinity Plus Business Partners. These are the people making a difference in our communities. These are the people giving back to our communities.

Visit our Business Directory to learn more about our Affinity Plus Business Partners.

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